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The beginning of Legacy Brokers can be traced back to 1985, starting off as an independent health insurance agency servicing individuals, families and employer groups of all sizes throughout the Kansas City area.  In 2004, this small agency merged with an industry leader in self-funding and the focus turned to providing brokerage sup‍‍‍port to independent agents throughout the Midwest.  A decade later, the principals of the agency had an important decision to make; retire and close the doors or sell the agency. That’s when an independent agent who had been an affiliate of the agency decided to offer an alternative.  Legacy Brokers was formed to continue providing expert guidance, process support and market resources for independent agents throughout the country.  Now with a network of 100 dedicated insurance professionals in 15 states, Legacy Brokers offers a keen insight into the ever-changing environment of healthcare reform.  Our genuine dedication to doing what is right and doing it for the right reason is what sets us apart from the competition.‍‍‍


Rick Finfera, Chief Executive Officer

Rick Finfera has served as an Active Duty Officer in the US Army Special Forces for more than 19 years. During this time, he has served a number of leadership roles ranging from front line supervisor to Program Director and Chief Executive Officer. Rick received his undergraduate degree in International Relations from Towson University, his MBA with a concentration in Leadership from Trident University International, and a Master's Degree in Military Arts and Sciences with a concen‍‍‍tration ‍‍‍in Operation Art & Design from the Command and General Staff School in Leavenworth, KS.  Rick brings his expertise in organizational leadership to Legacy Brokers in the form of team building, plan development, problem solving, crisis management, conflict resolution, and quality control analysis.  He is a dedicated husband and busy father of 4.


Bob Dill, Chief Operations Officer

Bob Dill has consistently been recognized as being an integral part of the operations landscape throughout his career.  He brings more than 18 years of experience dealing in human resources, vendor relations, facility management, event coordination and overall operational functions of the company in ‍‍‍the insurance industry.  During his career, he has been Director of Administration and Vice President of Operations for companies ranging from 20 to 80 employees.  Bob received his Bachelor of Administration with an emphasis on Psychology from the University of Kansas.  He brings a high level of organizational skills, leadership, crisis resolution and operational administration to the position.  His expertise revolves around his ability to lead through the rapport he easily develops with individuals at all levels both inside and outside an organization.‍‍‍


Jason Powers, Chief Business Development Officer

Jason Powers is an employee benefits specialist actively working in the health insurance industry since 2000.  He is a managing partner of Legacy Brokers and a contributing member of several insurance industry organizations, previously serving as the Legislative Chair for the New Agent Advisory Gro‍‍‍up, a special task force unit of the National Association of Health Underwriters.  Over the years, Jason has actively met with key legislators in his community and in Washington DC to advocate for consumer protections within the scope of any national health care reform efforts.  As a former producer himself, he understands the needs of independent insurance agents and works to help them build and preserve their blocks of business.  Jason lives in Lenexa, KS with his wife and four boys where he enjoys coaching youth soccer, playing volleyball and leading an active Christian life.‍‍‍


Our Sto‍‍‍ry‍‍‍

Mean‍‍‍ingful Impact

If we aren't moving, we're standing still. Legacy Brokers is here to help build your business from start to finish.  Along the way, there may be obstacles and we want you to know that we are looking out for you.  We stay up to date on the latest trends and strategies in the industry, helping to protect your business from outside influences.  It is our belief that in order to create a legacy, you must do the right thing for the right reasons every day.