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AGA Group blossomed into one of the Midwest Region's largest general agencies, specializing in alternative solutions for agents who were looking for something different.

In 2014, Jason Powers, Bob Dill and Rick Finfera formed Legacy Brokers, LLC and approached Mickelson with an idea of carrying on the JHIA/AGA legacy.  Now with staff of dedicated insurance professionals who have more than 100 years of combined experience and knowledge, Legacy Brokers offers a keen insight into the ever changing environment of healthcare reform, thus giving its agents the confidence they need to advise their clients.  Legacy's commitment to excellence and its ability to recommend valuable solutions is what sets it apart from the competition.    

Beginning in 1985 with a desire to provide independent agents in the market with turnkey service, Jim Hissong Insurance Agency filled a niche in the Kansas City market.  In 2004, Richard Mickelson joined the agency and together they formed Agents General Agency, LLC (AGA Group).  Richard brought his expertise in self-funding to an already growing market of new opportunities.